New Molecule Development

EcoSynth offers synthesis services for small molecules up to 1kg and delivers building blocks, reference compounds and intermediates per own or customer protocol. Beyond this service, we assist in designing your molecules or smart libraries for your applications.




Process Development

EcoSynth upgrades your processes or side streams by optimizing the reaction parameters taking both an economic and ecological rationale into account. If appropriate, innovative technologies such as flow chemistry and photochemistry are applied for best overall performance.




Chemical Stability Assessment

EcoSynth performs chemical stability studies at controlled temperatures or under forced conditions to monitor secondary product formation and allow identification of possibly destabilizing factors.



The International Symposium on Green Chemistry is the leading event for scientists and industries to present their research findings and innovations, share their know-how and build a sustainable chemistry.
Meet our representative at the EcoSynth Booth to find out more about our contract research services and the latest developments in our R&D pipeline. If you would like to set up an appointment, please use our contact form.