EcoSynth is a service provider officially accredited by the Flemish government for support of R&D activities in SME’s. As such, their contract service activities with main expertise including synthesizing novel molecules and chemical processes optimization may be considered for funding.

Exploratory technology consulting (including laboratory work) is offered, a service which is eligible for funding up to 40% for small companies (with maximum of 10.000 euro) and 30% for medium sized-companies (with a maximum of 15.000 euro). Subsidization is obtained through fast and bilateral agreements thus without external expert consultation.


Alternatively, our services may also be incorporated in strategic growth trajectories. Accordingly, up to 50% of the service fee with an upper bound of 25.000 euro per year can be recovered via the SME growth subsidy.


Please contact us for more information how we can assist you in this matter.